General Information


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School Times

School starts at 08h00

School closes at 12h45

Aftercare begins at 13h00

Hats and Water Bottles

Hats are compulsory and will be kept at school.   Each child will receive a water bottle which will also be kept at school.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are sold each Friday at lunchtime (with the exception the first Friday back after the holidays), and the children picnic on the lawn.   The charge for a Hot Dog and a juice is included in the school fees. Every child will receive a Hot Dog and juice, unless the school receives a letter from the parents to the contrary.

Hearing and Eye Tests

The Older Group children (4 turning 5) and the Grade R’s will undergo eye and hearing tests during school time.  The cost of these tests is included in the school fees.

School Calendar

The school calendar will be sent out at the beginning of the year.   From time to time, we hold school functions in the early evening or on Saturdays.   All children are expected to participate as these functions form part of the school’s academic programme.


Fundraising is kept to a minimum, but is essential to the running of the school – handled by the PTA.   Some annual events are the Bike Rally and Family Day.   Cake and Candy sales involve the children in entrepreneurial and management skills and also provide additional income.

Library Bags

Library Bags will be issued to each child.  The cost for these bags is included in your school fees.  These bags are used to carry and protect the library books which the children take home on a weekly basis.


Sick children should be kept at home as small children easily spread germs and contagious diseases to all the community.   If your child takes ill whilst at school, we will contact you.

NB      The school, by law, is not allowed to administer any medication what so ever.


Should your child be injured in any way whilst at school, we will contact you or

your emergency number.   If we are unable to contact you, we will take the

necessary action, acting in loco parentus.

Settling In

Most children cry at some stage or another, and may be unhappy for

whatever reason.   We will contact you if your child is unhappy during the

school day and is not benefiting  from the programme.   We do encourage you

to send your child to school every day, and if you are concerned, you are

welcome to phone during the day to enquire as to how they have settled.

Short, quick goodbyes are easier for a child to handle and show the child that

you are confident and happy about the environment in which they are being


Holiday Care

Holiday Care is run during the April and August holidays.  The cost is currently

R100.00 per day.  It runs from 07h30 – 15h00 daily.  We arrange a fun

programme for the children with great activities for their entertainment.

What you will need

  • 3 x Passport size photographs of your child
  • 2 x Boxes of Tissues
  • Lunch box if staying until 13h00

What you will get

  • Hat
  • Library bag
  • Locker
  • Towel
  • Snack – starch, fruit or vegetable, juice or water
  • Water bottle
  • Pottery – in school (we have our own kiln)
  • Music specialist
  • Baking
  • Draw string school bag